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The Sollertis Business Relationship Management (BRM) solution delivers strategic BRM capabilities to senior professionals of service provider business units and organizations (IT, HR, Facilities etc.). BRM is the enabler of business Digital Transformation through the disciplines of Demand Shaping, Exploring, Servicing and Value Realization.

The solution contains advanced capabilities for the management, life cycle and business insight of business strategy, business outcomes, business units and business initiatives and value harvesting through to business processes and business kpi's, complaints, improvement register, risk register and business engagements. With over 15 dashboards and hundreds of business value dashboard widgets, the solution enables any service provider department to align and demonstrate business value. This is the must have solution for any BRM and any business trying to managed their Digital Transformation strategy, with the capabilities defined in this solution having been designed and built in accordance with the Business Relationship Management Institute BRMBOK (Business Relationship Management Body of Knowledge).

Digital Transformation Enablement

Digital Transformation enablement is delivered through the BRM mApp through the delivery of the core BRM disciplines of:

  • Demand Shaping, which literally shapes the Digital Transformation strategy in terms of what can be delivered or what opportunities for digitisation exist ensuring that those opportunities delivering the highest value are stimulated over those delivering lower value.
  • Exploring will present new digital transformation opportunities from insights and understanding in emerging technologies, business models, and customer levels of consciousness, expectations and experiences.
  • Servicing will ensure that Digital Transformation service supply and demand will be planned and coordinated with the development, projects, service delivery management and operations side of Business Technology, ensuring clear understand and visibility of servicing against business strategy.
  • Value Harvesting enables and coordinates the measurement and value realization of any Digital Transformation initiative along with the surfacing and linkage through to further demand shaping and exploring from continuous improvement cycles.

Business Efficiencies

When everyone in an organization is 'pulling' in the same direction with a shared vision and understanding of strategy and the desired outcomes, the results are positive across so many areas:

  • Increased Workforce Productivity from engagement and increased willingness to contribute to business success rather than just work for 'the pay check'
  • Reduced Costs from focused improvements and initiatives on what matters for the business coupled with business converged service delivery
  • Increased Business Value from value planning, cost management, risk management, improvement planning, compliance and social responsibility initiatives, targeted competitive advantage business opportunities

End to End Business Convergence and Employee Engagement

With Business Relationship Management processes and roles in place, business strategy and desired business outcomes are understood and communicated consistently.

Business Relationship Management ensures that all staff across an organization understand the 'why',

the 'what', the 'who', the 'when', the 'which' and the 'how' of a business.

The 'why' is the strategy, purpose and meaning of the business,

The 'what' are the outcomes and critical success factors, both delivered and desired.

The 'who' refers to the business units/departments/divisions/staff.

The 'when' refers to the critical dates/deadlines/target periods

The 'which' defines which initiative/project/change should be pursued for the good of the business (strategy).

The 'how' refers to the business processes, activities and measurements (KPI's) that the workforce carry out and achieve in pursuit of the business outcomes and business objectives.

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